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Edtechelkanah (weekly)

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Edtechelkanah (weekly)

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Edtechelkanah (weekly)

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Edtechelkanah (weekly)

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

What a conference!

The build-up was tremendous, the hours of preparation numerous and the feelings of expectation and anticipation were huge. Could we pull it off, the six of us that make up the Elkanah IT Department? We were confident that we could and, oh boy, we DID!! I am so proud to be part of such an awesome team.
The EdTechConf eXtended event at Elkanah has come and gone but I don't have that feeling of deflation and emptiness one often experiences after a particularly exciting event. To the contrary, I feel elated, not only because we did a great job, but because we were able to excite and inspire a group of teachers, give them ideas and possibly some tools for including the use of technology in their classrooms, making it an add-in, not an add-on! That's what this event was all about and even if each teacher took away only one idea to make a start, take that first step, then we were 100% successful in our mission!
Key points that came out of this conference were:
* Buy-in from school management is vital (sadly very few principals attended our conference).
* Technology needs to be an integral part of teaching today as our students are born tech savvy (digital natives)
* It must be an add-in not an add-on
* Teachers should start small, choose one aspect/topic and use technology to enhance it
* Baby steps... Take that first step!
We had a variety of wonderful presenters who provided much inspiration and to them we are very grateful for their input an willingness to share their experiences and projects. All their bios and presentations are available here:
The EdTechConf team consisting of Tim Keller, Arthur Preston, Rick Greener and Helen Temple have started an amazing initiative which is gaining momentum beyond their wildest imagination, with a number of future eXtended events planned already. The first one will take place at Cornwall Hill College in Gauteng in October. See .
Elkanah will continue to be closely involved with EdTechConf, especially since Arthur Preston has recently been appointed as the new head of our Senior Primary, where I am based!
Karen Stadler 2 October 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

Edtechelkanah 09/30/2011 (p.m.)

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Edtechelkanah 09/30/2011 (a.m.)

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elkanah House Map

We'd hate you to get lost and miss out on a great conference, so make sure that you print out a copy of the map to our school!

Click HERE for the map.

See you soon!

Final Programme NOW available

The FINAL programme is now available! Click HERE to view it.

See you soon at the Elkanah EdTechConf eXtended event!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Simone Abbott

Topic: Social media in the classroom

Simone is a passionate Visual Art primary school teacher, who has taught children for 5 years and has a big heart for them.  She is always looking for new projects to try with her students, finding her inspiration while shopping, reading and surfing the net for new ideas. 

Simone's growing desire for using the internet as a tool in her classes started when the need for a better filing and recording system became a necessity.  A blog became the answer and has been running ever since -


Elmarie Meyer

Topic: Panel: Social meia in the classroom
Elmarie is a Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy teacher who has been at Elkanah House since 2009. She has a M.Ed. from the University of Stellenbosch, specialising in Remedial Mathematics.  She likes to experiment with alternative teaching strategies, which includes the use of technology.

Elmarie recently authored her first study guide for Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy and is also the regional moderator for this subject.

Nicole Masureik

Twitter: @nimming

Nicole went to RGHS, and studied a BSc, followed by an HDE, at UCT, during which time she got married. After graduating, she taught at Bergvliet High for a year before heading overseas for nearly 7.5 years. While overseas, Nicole taught in inner-city London, worked for her church, and had two daughters. Her second daughter was stillborn, so she and her husband returned to SA and started a support group for parents who have suffered a stillbirth, miscarriage or neo-natal death, called Born Sleeping ( They later went on to have a little boy.

Nicole is currently teaching at Pinelands High, where she is also the IT Education Manager. Nicole loves all sorts of techy, gadgety things, and is a social media junkie. She blogs and tweets as much possible. When she has the opportunity to relax, Nicole loves to read, spend time with her humungous family clan, or do a spot of ballroom dancing.

Cell phone trial in school ed techconf nim

Liz Broad


Topic: If I can do it, anyone can… from overhead projector to Smartboard.

Liz is a Grade 7 teacher at Elkanah House High School.  She matriculated from Milnerton High School and studied B.Prim. Ed at Stellenbosch University. Liz taught Grade 5 for four years at Edgemead Primary, after which she took a break from teaching to get married, travelled overseas and start a family.  She has two children, Jessica and Justin.
In 2006 she was contacted by Elkanah House to come and help them out in a Grade 7 post for 6 months … and she is still here 5 years later! Liz says she was very surprised to be asked to be a part of the EdTechConf and so she has called her presentation: “If I can do it, anyone can… from overhead projector to Smartboard.” 

Lisa Gair

Topic: Innovative teachers panel

Lisa is an ICT teacher at The Rock Academy Primary in Sun Valley.  She is passionate about family, friends, her faith, travelling and live theatre! In terms of work she is passionate about seeing technology being integrated into the classroom. Lisa has always communicated with class teachers, attempting to incorporate the class curriculum into ICT, rather than ICT being an island doing their ‘own thing’.  The staff where she teaches has caught her enthusiasm and there have been significant changes already in the way that they are approaching their teaching.

Lisa enjoys the following quote:  “If you find a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.”    

Siobhan Louw

Workshop presenter
Twitter: @siobhanlouw

Topic: Google Apps in Education

Siobhan is a new-comer to the tech teaching scene. She qualified as a journalist and English teacher, but her keen interest in technology landed her a job as an ICT teacher at Somerset House in January this year. Technology plays a huge part of both her personal and professional life, and its benefits are far-reaching in virtually everything she does - from her interactive sports watch, to her android smart phone that connects her to the world; from my skydiving computer that logs her crazy hobby progression to her MacBook that doubles up as her TV set.  Siobhan loves technology and says she lives better for it! In her spare time Siobhan is crazy about the outdoors; she runs, cycles, hikes and loves nature.  Siobhan is also a keen reader.

Wessel Theron

Topic: Innovative teachers panel

Wessel is 26 an Afrikaans teacher at Bishops Diocesan College.  He completed his BA Humanities degree and PGCE through the University of Stellenbosch and a Theology degree through the Satellite campus of the University of North-West.  He is married and lives in Durbanville. Wessel is one of the five winners of the Microsoft Innovative Teachers forum.  His project entailed his Grade 8s to work in pairs and create music videos by matching proper images to the lyrics of a song or translating a song and singing it themselves.  This was a perfect opportunity to improve vocabulary, comprehension, visual literacy and be entertained while learning.  His aim was to bring Afrikaans into their technologically driven worlds