Monday, August 1, 2011

Maggie Verster

Workshop Presenter
Maggie Verster:
Twitter:  @maggiev

Practical twitter in the classroom
Practical social bookmarking to organise your life

Maggie is a passionate School 2.0 (social media) activist for teaching and learning and believes that educators need to incorporate social media tools into their teaching strategies in order to effectively engage a new generation of learners. She has delivered numerous papers, keynotes, conducted workshops and developed resources to assist teachers to effectively use ICT and social media for professional development and in their classrooms. She facilitates various online learning communities for teachers and is in the top 100 “twitterati” in South Africa. She has been involved in various ICT training initiatives for subject advisors, teachers and lecturers and consults to the Department of Education, schools and various universities. She is currently developing ICT e-learning materials for the Commonwealth of Learning. For more information see her blog at  or follow her learning tweets at

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