Monday, August 1, 2011

Siobhan Louw

Workshop presenter
Twitter: @siobhanlouw

Topic: Google Apps in Education

Siobhan is a new-comer to the tech teaching scene. She qualified as a journalist and English teacher, but her keen interest in technology landed her a job as an ICT teacher at Somerset House in January this year. Technology plays a huge part of both her personal and professional life, and its benefits are far-reaching in virtually everything she does - from her interactive sports watch, to her android smart phone that connects her to the world; from my skydiving computer that logs her crazy hobby progression to her MacBook that doubles up as her TV set.  Siobhan loves technology and says she lives better for it! In her spare time Siobhan is crazy about the outdoors; she runs, cycles, hikes and loves nature.  Siobhan is also a keen reader.

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